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Mr Four Fingers art duo


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We are a young South African duo inspired by the grit and grime of the London streets. An inspiration that has led us down a path of art, skulls and dark undertones. We are obsessed with what lies beneath, the tainted side - the unseen but only ever imagined.
We are a collaboration of two exploratory minds and Mr Four Fingers is our representative. Together we share art in the hope to infiltrate every home in the world.


Both originally from the same high school in Johannesburg, South Africa, we  moved to the UK after high school. Doug went up to Scotland and Craig to London.

We ended up living together in London and both were looking for work in the advertising industry. By then the recession was in full swing and we struggled to find work in our respective creative fields, Doug as a designer/illustrator and Craig as a copywriter.

This led to us both being frustrated by the lack of creativity in our day jobs and after some Camden-living, we decided to start a creative blog and we devised a plan to start selling t-shirts in the Camden market. This was the start of our Mr Four Fingers journey and the rest kinda just snowballed from there.

MFF is now something of an art, illustration and t-shirt design brand. We create and produce all of our own work which ranges from original artwork, limited edition prints, t-shirts and our own accessories and jewellery. We've exhibited artwork at the Curious Duke Gallery, the Brick Lane Gallery, Grand Designs Live, the Hoxton Hotel and more recently, our very own solo show, What Lies Beneath. We've also been invited to create and sell t-shirt designs though Digisin Tees, Maison Twenty and the Design By Humans Collective.

Through MFF, it was clear we had a mild obsession for skulls so we created the Skull Appreciation Society, a blog dedicated to skulls in a variety of forms.


Doug Henderson, is the artist and illustrator behind all of the art and design and Craig McCartney, runs the websites and manages the marketing for the brand.


Feel free to contact us to discuss up-and-coming exhibitions, t-shirt sales, ideas for collaborations and partnerships or just drop us a line to say howzit.

Email us on: thedude@mrfourfingers.com